Previous Recipients

The following students, all accomplished graduates of the Band Program at Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama were the recipients of the annual Eric S. Obermann Scholarship:

2006 – Ellen Field, Georgia Institute of Technology

2007 – Melody Hovik, Auburn University

2008 – Sarah Lollar, University of Alabama at Huntsville

2009 – Matthew Hendrix, University of Alabama at Huntsville

2010 – Vivian Nguyen, University of Alabama at Huntsville

2011 – Olivia Funkhouser, University of Southern Mississippi

2012 – Megan Hathcock, University of Alabama

2013 – Sara Littleton, University of Southern Mississippi

2014 – Michael B. Jones, University of Alabama

2015 – Julie Cox, Auburn University

In 2016, the scholarship was expanded to two awards per year and to include all
Huntsville City High Schools.

2016 – Tabitha Massengill (Grissom), University of Alabama at Huntsville
Katherine Olszowy (Huntsville High), Auburn University

2017 – Austin Meeks (Grissom), Marion Military Institute
Reshod Keith (Lee High), J. F. Drake State College

In 2018, the scholarship was expanded to allow applicants from both
Huntsville City High Schools and Madison County High Schools.

2018 – Alex Edwards (Grissom), Auburn University
Travion Crutcher (Huntsville High), Tennessee State University

2019 – Annika Dillman (Grissom), Jacksonville State University
Marissa Miller (Sparkman High), University of Southern Mississippi

2020- Erin Hatcher (Grissom), University of Alabama


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